Fire Man Helmet

1. Anti-collision. From the outer casing to the wearer’s head, there are a total of four high- strength shells, high-density foam, cushioning wide cross and cap I and equalizing cushioning
net and cap hoop II to minimize the impact strength and the skull. Partial impact.

2. Excellent anti-high temperature performance, because the shell is made of PA66/R imported
reinforced polyamide fiber, and after flame retardant treatment, the cap ring is supported by
plastic steel material for the overall shape of the shell, and the surface screen is made of high
temperature resistant polyetherimide material. The shawl is made of glass fiber aluminum foil cloth; the navy blue cotton oil-resistant flame retardant yarn card has a double-layer structure, so it has excellent high temperature resistance. Coating adhesion fastness: 10 times of continuous washing without coating

3. The protection is more comprehensive, increase the protection of the ear and the back of the brain, when the head is fixed to the cap state, the parts of the skull are kept at more than 3cm from the helmet shell space, and a comfortable elastic buffer layer is added inside the cap ring. To ensure that accidental impact does not cause direct stress on any part of the skull.

4. Internal and external multi-level adjustment, tightly coupled with the wearer’s head, reasonable weight, stable center of gravity, cap tightness adjustment by the external knob control at the back of the helmet, can be adjusted without the helmet .

5. Comfortable to wear, because the top of the head uses a uniform mesh, multi-level adjustment caps, caps and jaw belts and skin contact parts are soft and high-quality light sheepskin material, sweat-absorbent breathable, comfortable fit, and the lower jaw belt is flame retardant Cotton webbing, soft, quick-drying, does not cause skin irritation in prolonged heat and humidity.

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