Smoke Alarm- LX-SO-215


  • Power source: DC3V
  • Battery Specifications: CR123A
  • Battery life: 10 years
  • Static current: ≤3uA
  • Alarm current: <30mA
  • Low voltage alarm: 2.7V±0.05V
  • Alarm sonority: >85 db (3m)
  • Working temperature:0°C~40°C
  • Working humidity: 10%-95%RH

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  • EN14604 Standard
  • Ceiling or wall mounting
  • Easy to install with mounting bracket
  • Suitable for any rooms
  • Flash alarm indicator
  • Test button for easy testing of low battery signals
  • Photoelectric chamber for early detection from all directions
  • 85dB alarm sound (3m)