The escape respirator SPASCIANI M 900 is provided with gas filter
ABEK15 (Gases) or ABEKP15 (gases and particles).
This innovative product yields the memory of the silicone to reduce
its bulk to a minimum.
The silicone of the facepiece makes the mask very comfortable
and eases the leak tightness on the user’s face. All that minimizes
donning time.
The ABEK15 filter gives a low breathing resistance and gives
protection from a number of toxic gases for at least 15 minutes. The
headband, soft and stable has two anchorage points. The halfmask
has a perfect tightness on the face and the honeycomb design of the
front of filter grants a low breathing resistance.
SPASCIANI M 900 is a comfortable product and easy to use and don
even with gloved hands. Its minimum size does not interfere with the
escape pace.

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Characteristics and advantages
• Light and compact
• Quick and easy to don
• Easy to carry along in the pockets or at the waist belt
• Big handles for gloved hands

M 900 high visibility cases are compact and resistant, a built-in clip allows for
portability. Very robust they protect from atmospheric agents and shocks and are
provided with a sealing label and a OR gasket that ensures airtightness.
The loop for the belt is 50 mm wide thus making it easy to hang the case to it or
to the work garments granting great stability.