Fire Man Boot

Firefighter fire protection boots are used to protect the safety of firefighters’ feet and lower
limbs. They are insulated, waterproof, stab-resistant, anti-mite, chemical-proof and electrical
insulation. Metal parts protect the toes and the feet from stabs and punctures. The metal gasket has no
corrosion after the corrosion test. The upper surface material is a rubber upper surface and a
rubber sole surface, and the sole material is a rubber bottom.
Vamp material: Rubber
Soles materials: Rubber
Oil Resistance: Rubber-faced 9.8%,foxing strip 9.8%,outer bottom 5.8%
Puncture resistance:1830N
Cutting resistance: YES
Dielectric protectives: Breakdown voltage: >5000V
Leakage current:0.059mA
Heat-shielding performance:4℃
Resistance to radiation penetration:7℃
Water resistance: YES

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